How to Keep Mice out of Camper in Simple Ways

When it comes to traveling of convenience, we all love to have a camper. But have you ever found mice in your camper? I know for sure that many of you may have found some hiding here and there in your camper, so did I.

Some people showed me some ways to get rid of the mice, that but as a meticulous person, I decided to test all of the methods to check how well they work.

So, after careful analysis, I have isolated the best ways. The pesky pests will be gone once you get the hang of everything that I am about to unload in this brief but useful article.

What You Need To Know About the Mice

Before you start killing the mice, it would be good if you know what to look for and here, I will tell you how mice are like and how they behave so as to spot them easily.

how to keep mice out of camper
  • appearance
  • Habit
  • Signs

They reproduce very fast and have the tendency of hiding their babies in the places you do not think of.

Even in the warm months, they will invade your place if you place food there. They like hiding in the openings, including pipes and gaps, and that’s also their way to get inside your house or camper.

We’ve just finished that crash course in what to look for, let’s go ahead with what harm mice can cause and how to get rid of them.

What Harm Can Mice Cause?

Here are also the reasons why we have no other choice, but to drive mice away and get rid of them.

how to keep mice out of camper
  • Spread Diseases: According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, mice transmit diseases either directly or indirectly. They are well known for spreading a record number of about 35 diseases, including many dangerous ones like Bubonic plague, Salmonella, Murine Typhus, Leptospirosis, etc. that can take your life away.
  • Ruin Furniture: They may not eat furniture, but they have the tendency to chew on the soft parts of the furniture like the cushions, and that makes the whole thing look bad and old.
  • Spoil Food: Being opportunistic eaters, they like to eat whatever they can find after discovering that there are no more nuts. So, they creep into your house and nibble your foods that are not stored in safe places. Are you confident enough to continue eating the food destroyed that way by mice?
  • Make The Camper/House Dirty: They poop a lot and give birth very quickly. And one day, when opening your camper, you will find the mice have colonized it. Mice make the places so messy and stinky. What a terrible scene!

How to Keep Mice Out of Camper: Step-by-Step Instructions

These are the ways you can use to keep mice away from your camper and get rid of them once you discover that they have already been there in your camper. These have been tried and tested to make sure that they work and are easy to implement.

Prevention Methods


Seal up

The most popular and best way for mice to get into your camper is through holes. So, there is no better way to prevent the entrance of mice than patching the holes, both small and big ones. Here are step-by-step instructions to seal up holes:

Step 1: Find the holes

Go around the camper; inspect the windows, the walls, and the floor to find any holes or opening inside and outside of the camper like cable and drain outlets, vents and chimneys. You have to deal with any holes that are bigger than 1/4 inch.

Step 2: Seal up the holes

- Small holes: stuff steel wool into the holes and then seal it with caulk

- Big holes: patch the holes with sturdy materials like wooden lath, cement, or metal sheets so that mice cannot chew through anyway.


Keep Food Out

As a matter of course, mice are attracted by wherever they find food, or once detected food. As a routine, they will return to that place again and again in search for food.

If you don’t keep food out of your camper, get ready to receive these regular guests. Once they cannot figure out food in the RV for a long time, they will get no longer interested in your RV, and leave it for sure.

how to keep mice out of camper

Give Your Camper Peppermint Smell

Mice have an acute sense of smell. While we love the refreshing smell of peppermint, mice find it too strong and irritating to bear. So, we can use peppermint as a great natural mouse repellent. Here are some ways you can employ:

  • Make cotton balls that contain some drops of peppermint oil and hang/place them in the RV. This way is great for driving mice away while giving the RV pleasant smell.But remember to change the cotton balls every 5-7 days, or when peppermint smell is gone. If not, the mice will come back in silence, and destroy your camper terribly.
  • Use floor cleaning liquid with peppermint smell. This way helps us achieve two purposes: making the camper floor clean and keeping the camper distance from these rodents.
  • ​Make peppermint spray. This especially helps when you want to cover a large area with peppermint smell that mice hate. You just need a spray bottle and some peppermint oil to make this work.
  • ​Use organic deterrents made of peppermint. They won’t kill mice but keep them away from the areas where the deterrents are applied.
  • Grow peppermint near or around the camper. This makes the area around the camper as well as the camper less attractive to mice. Peppermint is highly adapted to the environment and grows fast. Thus, it’s pretty easy to apply this method.

Use Ultrasonic Sound

Ultrasonic sounds are what humans cannot hear, but mice find very irritating. It’s because mice’s hearing range is higher than humans’ hearing range.

You can either download the free sonic sound on Youtube or buy an ultrasonic sound mouse repellant device that is now popular in the market.

This method is very effective because you neither have to kill them nor touch them, which makes it safe and humane.

How To Get Rid Of Mice

If you already found mice in your camper, had your camper downgraded to some extent because of the mice, you must be urgently looking for ways to reduce the population of these hateful rodents.

I’d like to remind you the very familiar, yet extremely effective methods, besides the above-mentioned preventive measures. They are trapping and poisoning. More than that, I’m going to provide you with very detailed instructions on how to apply them properly.



This has been in use for a long time now. It tops the list of mouse reduction methods. There are various kinds of traps available in the market.

Regardless of what type you employ, you have to use a proper kind and amount of bail to lure mice. Peanut butter, oats, corn, chocolate are something mice are interested in.

It’s unnecessary to pre-bait traps as mice are very curious animals, so you should put a small amount of bail on the traps only.

Traps will help capture or kill the mice depending on the type you use. Hereafter, we'll introduce the basic types of traps.

​1. Kill traps: they consist of a trigger locked into place on a wooden platform. The movement made when mice eat the bail causes the release of the trigger. This brings the spring-loaded bar back to its normal position, and then the bar strikes mice.

This way helps kill mice instantly, but its drawback is that you have to deal with the dead mice. It seems not to be humane, too.

how to keep mice out of camper

​2. Live traps: the traps of this kind are often cage-shaped. They make mice stuck inside, but still alive. For this reason, live traps are also called humane traps.

Using these traps, you can release them back to nature and won’t have guilty feelings. You don’t have to throw dead mice away, too. This is not only humane but also hygienic and better for your health.

​You should choose the trap models that are designed to keep several mice at once time with one door only. They are famous for their high efficiency.

how to keep mice out of camper

Glue Traps are another form of live traps. They are sheets spread with a thin layer of glue and a small piece of bait placed at the center. Mice will have their feet stuck in the glue when trying to get the bail. Remember that the glue must be sticky enough to hold mice firmly so that they cannot escape anyway.

  • Put traps, either kill or live traps, anywhere you see mice or signs of mice as I show you earlier. As mice break into your camper through openings, placing the traps there will have a higher capacity of catching mice.
  • Once you place traps, don’t forget to check them regularly to take mice out and re-bail the traps. If a certain kind of bait worked, use it again till it gets less attractive to mice.


how to keep mice out of camper

You can add the poisons to bait and strategically place the bait in and around the camper for them to eat. This method is proven efficient, but do think twice before applying it.

Poisoned mice may die in somewhere that is hard to find, causing unpleasant and hard-to-remove aromas.

Poisoning is not a safe way for your pets and children. Poisons can kill mice, but they can hurt your pets and children, too. So, I don’t encourage you to use this method if you can take others instead.

Final Thoughts

I hope that you’ve grasped what must be known to keep mice out of your camper. I prefer using mice repellents and other preventive measures first and do not employ traps and poisons till there are signs of these rodents in my camper. Don’t prevent mice till it’s too late when they’ve finished destroying your camper.

If you have any comments, questions and also additions of information that you think will be helpful to the camper community, do not fail to share because we need each other.

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