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Hi there, I am Callie Moore, founder-cum-chief editor of Laughter Packer.
Travelling fun and worry-free is actually easier than you think. Don't ever let yourself overwhelmed by the travel advice out there.
Here, our mission is breaking down the complicated advice and providing you with the ones that really work.
Let’s first get started with the beginner’s guide that will show you how to follow this blog efficiently!

Callie Moore, Founder cum Chief Editor of Laughter Packer​​​​


7 Common Travel Myths

#1: Travel Is Expensive
There is no free lunch as the saying goes but travel does not always cost as much as many people think. Many people hesitate about going on some itinerary just because of the advertisements or articles that make them believe that it’s costly.
In fact, whether travel is expensive or not depends on the kind of travel you take and the travel plan you make. With a wise plan, you still can travel cheap to earn enjoyment and experiences. So, be a wise traveler! 

#2: Travel Is Easy
Though we go travelling for refreshing moments, travel is never as easy as thought by many. It is sometimes very head-aching to look for good, budget accommodations, routes to difficult-to-access sites. You have to cope with the extreme hotness or coldness, and lots of risks on the go. But in return, you will get what you deserve: great enjoyment and lifetime experiences. 

#3: Hostels are the cheapest form of​ accommodation
They are often, but not always. It’s of course always cheap if you accept to share a room with some 10 strangers. But don’t forget that regular hotels can also offer you very competitive rates on last-minute deals. Hence, you should follow up hotel deals because you maybe a lucky one someday. 

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#4. Travel means being pickpocketed
Pickpocketing happens everywhere, even right in front of your house door. No one can touch your valuables once you always keep a watchful eye on them. Don’t be concerned too much about the rumor for everything depends on you. Use lockers and safes whenever you can, and especially don’t keep all of your money in one place. That’s what any traveler should keep in mind. 

#5: Travel Means Eating Boring Food
It’s the matter of your imagination. You can go camping with either no-cook meals to enjoy more free time or a tasty BBQ with ribs, stews, vegetables, etc. It all depends on your wish. Check out our travel food recipes for more ideas.

#6: Always Trust Local Knowledge
Local suggestions are not always good. If you ask them about accommodations, it’s highly likely that you won’t get the expected answer. They don’t need to know about accommodations because their house is there.
Hence, you’d better ask your fellow travelers or the experienced travelers on the Internet in this regard.
But it’s best to ask the locals about where to eat good local food where the local flavor is best served. They will show you their familiar addresses. 

#7: Travel Insurance Is Needless
You may think so because you have never run any problems travelling here and there before and believe that nothing bad can happen to you. But what if it happens? It’s wise to purchase travel insurance before setting off just in case of the worst. Once you don’t buy travel insurance, you can save a little bit money but will have to cover all eventualities when they happen. 


Why You Should Follow Laughter Packer

Laughter Packer comes to life with the mission of giving everyone honest and workable travel advice for the trips full of enjoyment and beautiful memories.
The blog is for those who share the passion for travelling and look for the tips for safe, joyful, and efficient trips.
The blog covers a wide range of topics concerning travel like:

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    Travel tips: camping and hiking, backpacking
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    Travel gear and equipment
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    Travel food
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    Expert advice
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What Makes Us Different

There are so many travel blogs, but our approach is different from them:

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    Offer step-by-step approach: Our tips come in the form of series of steps that you can follow easily and see the effects immediately.
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    Give realistic advice: It means that we give advice based on the real situations travelers often face, so they well fit you and work well.
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    Give unbiased view: All of what we do with this blog is for maximizing your benefit, so we give you unbiased advice on what gear brands you should trust or products you should use.
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