The Best Camping Tarp Of 2017 That Saves Your Trips

You must be looking for a good camping tarp but feel overwhelmed before so many tarp types and brands in the market, right? Just throw the worry away because I’m here to help you pick the best camping tarp that offers the best value.
As a regular camper, I know quite well how important camping tarp is and actually, I've tried lots of brands and products so far. Hereafter, I’ll provide you with the reviews of the five top tarp products on my list. 

Top 5 Best Camping Tarps Reviews

If you are looking for an ultralight camping tarp with excellent waterproofness and performance, then Sanctuary SilTarp might be a perfect choice for you.
It comes with a full kit with a tarp, guy lines, and stakes for users' convenience. The great thing is that once having the kit in hands, you don’t have to spend on buying any other accessories. 

Despite this, the full kit is lightweight, 20.5 ounces only for the 10’x8’ size and 27 ounces for the 12’x10’ size, and it is compactly folded.
What’s more, with silicon coating on the outside and PU coating on the inside, the tarp provides up to 5,000mm hydrostatic resistance. It means that the tarp can keep you completely dry despite big storms.
Another thing I love about this tarp kit is that it allows us to set up various shelter configurations. It’s because the 10’x8’ version is designed with 12 perimeter loops and one top center loop, whereas the 12’x10’ version with 16 perimeter loops and one top center loop.
The lifetime warranty is also attributed to the great value of the tarp. 

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    Top notch waterproofness with silicon-PU dual-coating
  • arrow-up
    Comes with a full kit including everything you need
  • arrow-up
    Be lightweight and compact
  • arrow-up
    Great flexibility, so users have lots of setup options
  • arrow-up
    Lifetime warranty
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    The life of the coating may be shortened under long UV exposure

If for some reason, you cannot get the Sanctuary SilTarp, then the ENO Eagles Nest Outfitters - ProFly XL Rain Tarp may be a good substitute. This tarp features polyurethane-coated 210D ripstop nylon taffeta body and well-taped seams, or in other words, the tarp is very strong, resistant to tearing and ripping.
Besides, as the upgraded version of ENO’s Profly RainTarp, the ProFly XL Rain Tarp provides great coverage, 13' x 9'2", so it ensures full protection of you and your gear in any kind of weather, from downpours to burning sun.

Another thing that makes the tarp worth the money is the ease of setting up and adjusting for the tarp goes with six adjustable guylines with tighteners.
Being lightweight, 2 pounds only, is another must-mention advantage of this tarp that may win the heart of any travelers.
This tarp works awesome, except for one thing: it doesn’t come with stakes. This forces you to take advantage of trees to set up it or buy stakes separately. 

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    Durable tarp material
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    Great coverage
  • arrow-up
    Easy setup and adjustment
  • arrow-up
    Be lightweight
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    Stakes are not included
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    Higher price

If you are on a budget but still need a versatile camping tarp, you might be happy to know Eclypse II Tent Tarp. This tent tarp features PU coated polyester, which makes it super light and waterproof.
What’s more, despite its light weight of 1.8 pounds only, the tarp provides up to 10’x8’ coverage. That’s why it is ideal for backpackers.
The versatility and flexibility of this tarp also add a lot of value to it. Specifically, the kit includes 8D rings, 14 guide ropes, 6 regular ropes that enable users to secure the tarp to tree trunks or set up it on the ground.

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    Good waterproofness
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    Be lightweight
  • arrow-up
    High flexibility
  • arrow-up
    Low price despite its great value
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    Cannot stand extreme weather

If the price is not your concern, try the Aqua Quest Safari Tarp.
With a hydrostatic resistance of 20,000 mm, this 13’x10’ large tarp works well in all weather conditions to ensure that no water drop can seep through. The great thing is that despite its outstandingly large coverage, this tarp can fit any space after packed up. 

Designed with 19 reinforced webbing loops in total, it even doesn't need a tree to rely on, which brings about much convenience to the users.
More than that, featuring 70D RipStop nylon fabric, coupled with non-toxic dual silicon and PU coating, the tarp has the weight of 2.4 pounds only and great resilience to the forces of nature.
As a perfect cross between Aqua Quest’s two bestselling tarps, Aqua Quest Safari Tarp is lightweight but extremely tough, offering excellent value for the money. 

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    Excellent waterproofness
  • arrow-up
    Be lightweight
  • arrow-up
    Work perfectly in extreme weather
  • arrow-up
    Very large coverage
  • arrow-up
    High versatility
  • arrow-down
    High price

This Rolling Fox Tarp Shelter is widely known for its waterproofness, durability, and low weight as it is made of high-quality PU coated polyester. The tarp is super light, 1.21 pounds in weight only.
The tarp comes with 16 tie-off loops, 4 stakes, and 4 guy line; so it holds up quite well.
One more advantage of this tarp model is that it comes with lifetime guarantee. However, it is noteworthy that the tarp has kite shape, so it works best as a hammock cover. 

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    Good waterproofness
  • arrow-up
    Be lightweight
  • arrow-up
    Lifetime guarantee
  • arrow-up
    Hold up well
  • arrow-up
    Low price
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    Best suit hammock camping, not work quite well for tent camping

Why Do You Need A Camping Tarp?

camping tarp

Camping tarp is much more important than thought by many.
If you go tent camping, the tarp provides you with an additional layer of protection in case of rain. You can use it either as a rainfly or a tent footprint to avoid wet ground.
It even means a lot more if you go camping without tents. Let’s imagine that you’re having fun camping, but rain comes all of the sudden. Rain may put an end to the jubilant party by making you and your gear wet thoroughly.
If you bring along a camping tarp, you will have a shelter within several seconds and your party will keep going on then. Camping tarp can save your moments that way. 

Types Of Camping Tarp

Camping tarps come in various types depending on the material and using purpose.
Tarps by material:





Often be UV treated
Less expensive 

Can become brittle in very cold weather
Not as long-lasting as canvas

camping tarp


Naturally breathable
Long-lasting material 

​Not waterproof by nature
May shrink slightly over time

camping tarp


Allow airflow and break strong winds
Allow sunlight to penetrate
Ideal for sunny, hot, and windy areas

Not waterproof
Let wind through

camping tarp


Block wind to some extent

Very lightweight

camping tarp

Tarps by camping purpose: there are basically three types: hammock tarp, tent tarp, and versatile tarp used for both tent and hammock camping

If you go with a tent with poor waterproofness and are uncertain about if the weather will be fine, you may need a tarp placed over it to stay dry.
The tarps designed for tent camping feature square shape and large size to completely cover the tent. 

If you prefer camping with a hammock, you should erect a tarp above it just in case of rain.
Diagonal tarps are those reserved for hammock camping. 

If you have both tent and hammock and want to bring either of them depending on the weather condition, you should buy square tarps that can be transformed into diagonal tarps.

What To Look For In A Camping Tarp?

camping tarp

Here are a few things to put into careful consideration when you go to buy a camping tarp. It’s just to make sure that you’ll get a desired camping tarp.


I put this factor first in the list because if the tarp is too small, it’s useless. If it is too big, you may have to load extra weight. So, choose the tarp with proper dimensions. The dimensions depend on the space you want to cover. Choose a rationally big tarp if you want to cook under it.


This is one of the biggest concerns of tarp users. They may have to make a trade-off between weight, size or fabric.


camping tarp

The waterproof level is often indicated on the label. If you go camping in the rainy season, you’d better bring along a tarp with strong waterproofness that has a water-resistant coating or several layers to keep both you and your gear dry.


Tarp durability depends on the fabric, tarp seams, and grommets/tie-outs. Canvas tarps tend to be more durable than the poly ones. The seams should be well sealed and the grommets/tie-outs should look sturdy, otherwise, even moderate wind can tear them easily.

Pro tip: stakes may be included or sold separately. Remember to check this out first before making buying decision so as to avoid extra cost.

Proper Way To Store Camping Tarp After Use

Knowing the way to store camping tarp is of great importance for it helps extend tarp life.
Cleaning the tarp is the most thing to do in this process. It’s quite similar to clean a tent after a camping season. Check this link for the details. 

Final Thoughts

Obviously, the best camping tarp is our editor’s pick which is the Sanctuary SilTarp as it has all features we look for. 

camping tarp

Its excellence in waterproofing makes us feel assured to stay under despite heavy rain. What’s more wonderful is that it comes in a full kit and provides various setup options.
These factors make Sanctuary SilTarp worth the money and able to win the heart of even the most demanding customers.
If you have ever tried any of the above-mentioned camping tarps or want to suggest a better one, let us know in the comment section. If you find the article useful, please share it with your friends.

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