The Best No-Cook Backpacking Meals You Must Have

Going for a trek or a camping trip with your friends is surely fun and enjoyable, but still you need to put something into consideration to ensure everything goes smoothly. One of which is the food to bring along. It is a hassle bringing the food that must be heated or cooked on the go. It’s because this requires cooking equipment and utensils that will add weight on your back for sure.

Fortunately, there are no-cook backpacking meals available which are not only portable, convenient, and easy to eat but also packed with nutrients. You can just munch on them and proceed with your trip. That’s how cool these no-cook backpacking meals really are. Hereafter, I’ll show you some no-cook backpacking meals ideas.

1. Cold Cereals

Granolas and cold cereals are obviously one of the best no-cook backpacking meals for its various benefits regarding convenience and nutrition.

no-cook backpacking meals

Simply put a serving into a bowl and pour some milk into it, and you’ll have a meal ready to serve. That’s the undeniable convenience of these foods.

According to a research on the benefits of breakfast cereal consumption, those who have cereal meals regularly enjoy better nutritional status and lower cholesterol consumptions because cereals are high in fiber and low in added sugar. So, if you bring along cereal meals, you’ll get an energy boost on the go.

2. Energy Bars

Energy bars are the most popular non-backpacking meals because of their size and taste.

Most energy bars are just a few inches in length, so being very compact and easy to store. You can just put them in your pocket, and it won't disturb or hinder your movements when you're out trekking.

no-cook backpacking meal

Despite their small and compact size, they are jam-packed with a lot of proteins, fats, and sugar. Proteins help keep your muscles working even after an extended amount of time. Meanwhile, the fats and sugar give you enough energy pool.

3. Burritos

​What's really good about Burritos is that they feature a complete meal diet with lots of ingredients such as meat, fish, fruit, and vegetable ingredients nicely tucked up inside its wrap. Because of this, your body can absorb a lot of carbohydrates, protein, and sugar that are much needed to maintain your stamina when you are out in the open.

no-cook backpacking meals

Plus, there’s no doubt that they will keep your stomach full for hours. Their only downside is that they can spill out in your backpack if they are not properly secured on your lunchbox. You might want to give them a second look before embarking on your trip.

4. Nuts and Dried Fruits

​Nuts, berries, and dried fruits are also handy companions of backpackers. They are compact, lightweight and tasty as we all know.

no-cook backpacking meals

An interesting fact about dried fruits is that they contain more fiber and higher nutrient density as compared to fresh fruits, which is good for any backpacker.

​5. Sandwiches And Sausages

​Another cool idea for a no-cook backpacking meal is sandwiches. Sandwiches are packed with a lot of carbohydrates and protein, which surely give you enough energy for your hiking trail.

no-cook backpacking meal

You can also put whatever kind of meat or ingredients in it. If you are taking part in a challenging outdoor activity, you should add more meat to get more calories. More calories equate to more energy.

​Hotdogs and sausages are also a highly recommended no-cook backpacking meal because they are very rich in dietary protein that help your muscles and bones perform better, thereby giving you greater capability to keep your outdoor adventure on.


​Indeed, no-cook backpacking meals are great to travelers or those who love taking part in outdoor activities for their convenience and simple preparation. Best of all, they are packed with lots of nutrients that will surely keep you energized for hours. Don’t forget to grab some for your trips.

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