What Is The Best Pop-up Tent In 2017: Reviews & Rankings

If like me, you always find yourself in a mess while trying to pitch a complicated tent, this article is for you. It's because, I’m going to provide you with a great solution to this. It’s using an automatic pop-up tent instead of a complicated tent.
You may wonder if it is really a good way because pop-up tents are often mentioned as the tents with its short life and low quality despite its convenience.
 Just set your mind at rest for in this article, I’ll show you the best, latest pop-up tents in 2017 that still inherit the ease of setup, yet have high quality worth your money.

Quick Comparison Of The Best Pop-up Tents in 2017

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Why Do You Need A Pop-up Tent?

The biggest advantage of pop-up tent is its convenience. Imagine that instead of managing hard to pitching a tent, all you have to do is taking the tent out of its carrying case and then seeing it automatically opening up in seconds. Just that.
If so, you’ll have more time to sit relaxing after arriving at the campsite. That’s the kind of camping I and many others like.
But keep in mind that pop-up tents don’t mean complicated design. In other words, they provide shelter and privacy in a quite basic form and are characterized by their light weight, compact shape, and sadly poor waterproofness.

When To Use Pop-Up Tent?

Based on the characteristics of pop-up tent as we all know, I’m going to show you its popular uses.

For one-day trips
Pop-up tent is perfect for one-day camping trips when the weather is favorable and when all you want is the sunlight shelter and a place to take a snap at noon. 

For Beach Camping
Families often bring pop-up tent to the beach because of its ease of setup and function as a sunlight shelter. With the tent, they can leisurely enjoy the sea while not getting burned under the harsh sunlight. 

For Camping in The Backyard
A pop-up tent in the backyard can be an ideal place for your kids to play and even hide when it rains. The tent helps protect your children from bugs in the garden, too. 

For Camimping Indoors
All kids love going camping. If your children are too small and yet to be ready for camping trips, you can satisfy them by placing a simple pop-up tent indoors for them to play with. 

What To Look For In A Pop-up Tent?

As tent models are flooding the market, besides the really amazing tents, there are low-quality ones but appearing with a showy look.
This part helps clear your mind of how a good pop-up tent should be as the basis for you to choose a good pop-up tent for unforgettable camping experiences.

Durability must come first on the list because everyone wants long-lasting tents. It is often complained that pop-up tents are not sturdy and tend to get damaged after a short period of time in use.
In fact, the durability of tents in general and pop-up tents in particular depends on two factors: the fabric and the frame. So, do remember to pay attention to these factors in order to have durable pop-up tents as you wish.

Pop-up tents often come with either 2-man or 4-man sizes, and what size to choose has a lot to do with the number of people taking part in the trip and the gear and stuff you bring along.
The principle is always sparing space for your stuff in the tent; it means that you should not buy a 2-man tent for two campers, but for one only.
Do remember that the larger the tent is, the heavier it tends to be. If not, check the tent quality again to see if it is durable enough.

The anchorage, tie-downs, and stakes have a lot to do with this. They are supposed to be firm enough to secure tents.
If you camp in windy areas, you may need extra ropes and anchoring systems to keep your tents stand against the blows of wind. 

Backpackers want the tent to be packed as light and compact as possible.
If you are a light backpacker, you should put the weight of the tent and the size of the packaging bag into consideration.
This is to ensure that you will have the best pop-up tent regarding space saving and weight reduction.

Reviews Of The Five Best Pop-Up Tents in 2017

Weight:  5 pounds
Occupancy:  3-4 persons
Design:  2 doors, two windows, 1 top opening
Materials:  Welded polyethylene floor, fiberglass frame

I have to say that this dream pop-up tent is designed with superior features. Its ease of setup may beat any tents you have ever used before. Just throw it out, and it will pop open automatically in several seconds. It’s super easy.
Another thing that makes this tent special is that it has two mesh windows and doors that allow a lot of air to move into the tent, prevent insects and UV rays from harming campers.

What’s more, the top window can be opened and closed with ease. It is closed for sun and rain protection and opened for ventilation and provision of a good view of the starry nights.
Especially, this tent is larger than the tents of similar size. While many tents are so small that we have to lay corner to corner just to fit. With this tent, a 6’ tall person can fit just fine.
Perhaps, the only downside of this tent is that it is a little bit tricky to fold it back to the carrying bag. If you’re amongst them, watch the instruction video and you will get it done after several tries.

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    Fast and easy setup
  • arrow-up
    Great ventilation with two doors, two windows, one top opening
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  • arrow-down
    Difficult breakdown

Weight:  8 pounds
Occupancy: 4 persons
Design: taped floor seams, multi-position rainfly

This tent has many advantages that can win the heart of any campers. First, the setup of this Coleman pop-up tent is just a snap. Unzip the carrying bag, release it and you will have the tent ready to serve in a blink.
What’s more, the tent is long enough for a tall (6’) person to lay comfortably, but it seems to be too narrow for four adults. Three adults are just enough.
The tent has desired height, too. You can step inside the front door instead of crawling into the tent on hands.
I also want to mention its great waterproofness. Unlike other pop-up tent s that even cannot protect you from fogs, this Coleman tent can keep you dry in mild-moderate rain. 

The tent has a fly attached to it that can be rolled up and down to expose the mesh for air ventilation , star glazing or hide it for rain protection.
The tent is not designed with back window or door, but this skylight perfectly deals with the ventilation issue.
Attached to the tent, th e rainfly cannot be lost anyway, which is another cool thing about the tent to mention. 
Some people complained that putting the tent away is quite challenging. But don’t worry, once you watch the instruction video and practice it several times, you will get the hang of it.
The biggest concerning issue perhaps lies on the zipper of the main door. Specifically, many people have to manage hard to zip up the zipper. The zipper is flimsy and tends to tear easily regardless the tent is staked down or not. 

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    Fast and easy setup
  • arrow-up
    Long and high
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    Good waterproofness
  • arrow-up
    Attached with a rainfly
  • arrow-down
    Difficult breakdown
  • arrow-down
    Zipper not working properly

Weight:  8 pounds
Occupancy:  4 persons
Design:  entrance with mosquito net, three ventilation holes, one inner side bag
Materials:  polyester fabric, fiberglass poles 

This tent has many things to love.
First, it takes no time and technical knowledge to get the tent ready for use. What's more, it has lightweight fabric on the top and sides but heavy tarp on the floor to increase the distance between you and the ground just for your health benefit.
Besides, this tent has some weaknesses that upset users. One of them lies on the windows that cannot be unzipped and rolled up and down from inside.
In other words, if you need some warmth amidst night or privacy, you have to go outside to open or close them, which is really inconvenient.
The sad fact is that tent is not made waterproof. Just go for it if you go camping in summer when there is no rain or fog in the air. Otherwise, you’d better treat it before use or buy another tent for your convenience.

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    Fast and easy setup
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    Openable sides
  • arrow-up
    Great ventilation
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    Thick floor
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    Poor waterproofness
  • arrow-down
    Windows cannot be zipped from inside

Weight:  3.7 pounds
Occupancy:  2 persons
Design:  two mesh windows in the front and at the rear

High breathability is perhaps the most noticeable advantage of this ABCO pop-up tent. With two mesh windows in the front and at the rear, this tent is more breathable than any tents you may know.
More than that, using the tent designed with two doors on the left and the right, you can easily go out from either side without having to step over obstacles on the way.
More wonderfully, each door consists of two layers: the inner zippered screen for privacy and the outer zippered nylon layer for contemplation of the surroundings.

I also want to mention the ease of folding up the tent. It’s super-fast and easy to break it down into its original shape and put it into its carrying case.
Thanks to the tent spikes included, the tent is kept secure despite wind.
The drawback of this tent is that it does not handle rain well. Campers may get wet inside this tent when it rains. So, you’d better check the weather conditions before going camping with this tent.

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    High breathability with two doors and windows
  • arrow-up
    Fast and easy setup
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    Spikes included to secure the tent
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    Poor waterproofness

Weight:  2.3 pounds
Occupancy:  2 persons
Design:  curtain in the front and roller shutter at the back
Material:  190T UV Protection Waterproof Fabric

If you’re looking for a beach pop-up tent, this may be an ideal option for you.
This tent has a curtain in the front and roller shutter at the back to let air circulate in the tent.
Especially, this beach tent features 190T UV protection waterproof fabric, which is great in protecting you and your dear ones from UV effects.
It is very convenient to go camping with this super light and compact tent, only 2.3 lb in weight and 17.72 inches in diameter. With this size, it can even fit your suitcase or backpack.
The main downside of this tent is that its stakes are really small and thin, which makes it hard to secure the tent in windy weather.
It is also complained by many that it’s nearly impossible to refold the tent for once they try to do it, the wires seemingly no longer work properly.

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    Good ventilation
  • arrow-up
    Good UV protection
  • arrow-up
    Lightweight and compact
  • arrow-down
    Difficult breakdown
  • arrow-down
    Small and thin stakes

Our Choice For The Best Pop-Up Tent in 2017

My personal pick for the best pop-up tent of 2017 is Keumer Pop Up Tent as its stands out with superior features.
The tent features two mesh windows, two doors, and one top opening, so staying inside the tent, I still feel like being amidst nature because of its great ventilation that cannot be found in any other tents.
More importantly to me, the tent is roomy and large enough for me to fully stretch my body.
I believe this is a desired pop-up tent for those who attach importance to convenience and comfort of camping trips.
If you have ever tried any of the above mentioned, feel free to share with us. We'd love to listen to your sharing and comments. Don't forget to share this article with your buddies if you find it useful!

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